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Vito Proietti – Preference Of Instagram Over Other Social Media Networks

Due to the popularity and prevalence of social media today, there is no better way to use it for showcasing the personality of your brand. Vito Proietti while ensuring that your brand reaches the maximum audience, you can also analyze. Other options such as Twitter, Snapchat, or LinkedIn before you figure out the target audience.

Besides this, you will know whether your customers express. Interest in your brand and if so what the reasons are for the trust. Whatever it may be, you want your brand to make it to the top of asocial media platform. Instagram is one of the most visually popular social media platforms. And helps your brand in building relationships with customers.

Follow the trends

Instagram is an outstanding and trending platform. For promotion of your brand and if you have an account here, you will find it easy to use for brand promotion. Read the following statistics to understand the reasons for the popularity of this social media platform over others.

  • Over one billion people use Instagram each month and the figures are expected to surge.
  • Instagram receives nearly three million advertisers every month.
  • Over 62% of users visit this platform daily.
  • Over sixty percent of micro-influencers have the opinion that they get high level of engagement through Instagram.
  • Nearly eighty percent of users of this platform have a business account here.

Today, people can also buy real likes for their Instagram pictures and videos.

Factors that make Instagram the best social media platform

No one can deny the significance and impact of social media today. However, when it comes to Instagram, you need to focus. On the following reasons while assessing its preference over the other platforms.

  • With Instagram, you can expect to penetrate the target market with ease, especially for things like shopping. The young adults are more impulsive buyers, so it is easy to influence them, and there is no other social media platform that works better for influencing their choices. With pictures that are highly engaging and influencing, you can also showcase videos of outfits to reach out to the masses using this social media network.
  • The preference of this social media platform is also due to its user interface. While viewing photos on the other social media platforms, the encumbrance of sidebars and links cannot be ruled out. However, when viewing the same photos on Instagram, you can expect a hassle-free rendition. Besides this, the videos you watch here are also available free of clutter. If you are looking for a social media platform that capitalizes on the vowing capacity of your prospects, think Instagram.
  • When it comes to display of content on Instagram, it offers a much better options than the other players.  Your efforts to promote your brand can prove useful when you decide to use the high-resolution pictures and videos through Instagram.

Mobile app and brand reach

Vito Proietti a lot of social media platforms today have gone mobile and that is because more and more people try to tap into the internet resources on the go. The study also shows the trend of using internet through the mobile devices today. Quite naturally, people will also prefer using Instagram through their mobiles. Even with this, people still feel attraction towards Instagram as one of the most popular social media network applications after Facebook and the studies related to this are startling.

You are aware of the active users on Instagram and the primary reason for people to prefer using this platform. For reaching out to their target audience is the difficulty they face with the news feed algorithm, which makes it tougher for brands to become prominent with ease. On the other hand, Instagram has a plethora of business accounts and a good number of advertisers every month. Therefore, the competition is much less in this social media platform over the other options. And clear why it emerges as one of the preferred choice of a majority of businesses to take their business forward.

Comparing Instagram and Pinterest

Vito Proietti initially, Instagram began as one of those platforms that users can tap for sharing filtered. Images and Pinterest allow users to pin their selected images of products for people who express interest. However, both Instagram and Pinterest emerge as platforms for shopping whether it is posting or pinning them respectively. And it is through these advertisements that the main revenue comes. When you compare the user rating of Pinterest and Instagram app, you will find the differences surprising. Even if it is temporary, you may start thinking that Pinterest may emerge as one of the toughest competitors of Instagram. Read the following to get rid of such thinking.

  • Instagram has private collections for saving individual posts which resemble Pinterest and the buzz is around that Instagram can soon begin with its public collections, which is similar to pinboards of Pinterest.
  • The crowd base of Instagram is wider and younger.
  • For social media influencers on Instagram, it is over 75% whereas in Pinterest it is only 1%.

Brands and users of Instagram

Vito Proietti more and more influencer marketing campaigns also take place through Instagram and there are several reasons. For the growing interest of brands on this platform. You will observe a close relationship between Instagram users and brands than any other social media platform. If you are to believe the statistics in this regard, you will find out that about eighty percent of users follow one brand on this social network. It is not just following brands through this networking. Platform but you will come across some fascinating products in their feeds and also use the feed of Instagram to stay at par with the newest services and products of their interest.

The final word

Vito Proietti is eager to establish the presence of your brand online, you will get better opportunities to engage with the target audience. The powerful features and functions of Instagram make it one of the most popular choices for your target audience. Moreover, it is the online marketplace where you want to view your brand and make it more popular. Therefore, Instagram is an outstanding social media network when compared to the rest. For enhancing awareness of your brand and changing the focus of people from other brands. To yours, you can utilize the tools and features of this platform for the best results.

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