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Vito Proietti explains How I Made My First Million with a Small Blog

First, I started off with a Google Adsense account and was auto-approved to run ads. For those of you who don’t know what Adsense is, it’s a program that allows website owners to earn money by placing targeted ads on their site(s), based on keywords people type in search engines. Well, after I got the green light from Google and was up and running, something hit me: “I can do this! This isn’t hard at all!” The thought of hitting the New York Times bestseller lists was now very attainable to me. I just needed an eBook about SEO and this blog would become my virtual ATM machine says Vito Proietti. Wow! I was so pumped. I had my first money-making site up and running, full of content that I had wrote me.

Also, I knew what keywords to type into Google search engines for this website to come up on the first page of results because I kept track of them all in a spreadsheet. Adsense made it easy once you knew how to do it… trust me. So now I needed more sites, but they can’t be about anything unrelated to the topic on my main site or else the ads would make no sense. Once again, SEO came in very handy with this step! With just another $100 bucks or so worth of domains (domain names), I had my second money site up and running within 24 hours doing well with its own Adsense account.

That brought in another $3 to 4 dollars a day from the United States and up to $10 a day from countries like Russia and Brazil! I was really excited about this realization so I decided to invest in a couple more targeted domain names, just in case my other ones ever failed me for some reason. At this point, I was going to build websites ONLY if they made money because it’s much better than spending time on something that isn’t going to bring income.

The Fun Part — Getting Started With Bookmarking Sites

With Blogs to choose From, It Was Time to Get down and Dirty in the Blogging Community. My next step was bookmarking sites which were large enough where my bookmarks could get indexed quickly. Once indexed I could sit back and watch the money roll in. The keywords “bookmarking sites” yielded some great websites for my needs. One of the most popular bookmarking sites is Delicious explains Vito Proietti. You can use this site to submit your bookmarks to thousands of people that visit that website every day. Just looking for funny stuff, etc… I posted about 10-15 of my best bookmarks (the ones with high page rank) on various topics like “funny videos,” “great recipes,” and even products you can buy online like eBay listings or Amazon products (in which case I would make a small commission off anything sold). Blogging Strategy

Finding Good Keywords That Are Easy To Rank High For

If you are new to blogging, you probably are asking yourself what is a keyword. It’s the phrase that is searched for online. The more specific your keyword phrase is, the better chance you have of getting traffic to your site. For example, let’s say I wanted to blog about making money online … Well, how can I make my website stand out from all the thousands of others blogs with this same topic? Simple… come up with something nobody else has thought of yet!

Keep in mind that most bloggers are using Google Keyword Planner Tool before they start their site. So it will give them an idea of what people are searching for on Google and other search engines every day! I wrote articles around “how to make money selling used books” or “how to make money selling on Amazon”. These keywords would be searched for thousands of times a day. And I ranked very high (near the top) for these terms. The more words that is included in your keyword or phrase, the better! You can use “and” between certain words but not all of them together. For example: How To Make Money Selling Used Books Online

There is too much competition to do well with this one. Because it’s an overly saturated market and everybody. And their mama knows how to make money doing this says Vito Proietti. I wouldn’t waste my time. But… How to Sell Used Books on Amazon and eBay would be a Better Choice with Less Competition!


After you’ve finished writing your blog post, do a quick Google search for the topic says Vito Proietti. If there is no competition like I mentioned earlier (not many results) then add in the “SEO money keywords” and phrases. That you learned about in this article and put them in before you publish it to make sure it doesn’t get stuck on page 10 of Google.

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